Well there it is was, Windfest No10! 9th at Burrum, pretty safe to say everyone had a great week, some really good numbers on the bigger kit were achieved, I'm pretty sure the speeds achieved wouldn't have been possible on such big gear 10 years ago, nothing in it at the top of the ladders either all very close.  

Saturday was my personal highlight went pretty well in the SUP powered by left over amber ale fumes, then had a nice quiet quick blast early on the long bank Saturday arvo before the mass arrival happened! So glad so many out of towners got to sample the big main run, this is the run that really makes Burrum special, imagine it in 25-30 knts!

Also Saturday night great feast provided by Mrs Wilson and Dot (again backing up from Friday!)...the local effort and hospitality was out of this world and really made the event what it was, thank you again.  I know only too well the time that goes into catering...which means these ladies slaved for hours before and on the days where we all gobbled the goodies. a really really big thank you.

Friday night was also massive and in case you missed the charity Auction organised by the Lord Mayor of Burrum raised $2,500! to children's cancer research, I can't think of a better cause...if you think of that issue and cause alone, it makes us very privileged people just to be in the position of windsurfing at Burrum, and it puts it all of it into perspective. 

We would like to see that charity event continue in future events and have plans to make that contribution even bigger.

Personally I have no idea what I'm going to with a thick jacket better suited to Tassie or what to do with the ION midget GPS bashers but I'm sure they will all get used..have to wash the jacket though..smells like sausage!  
The other weird thing is why the Surf FX pool table has a crucifix imbedded into the cloth...what goes on at that place??!!  

Will leave the rest of the banter, stories and rumours for everyone else, but we need to also thanks our sponsors and supporters once again, and don't forget planning for WF 2017 will start shortly! So if you would like to be involved in any way, shape or form, it doesn't have to be a big commitment please let us know by dropping an private email in here.

The more people helping means the smaller the job list for everyone and the more time can be spent having fun! There is a lot of 'talk' about making the event even bigger and better in all sorts of ways in the future...but that is not possible with a decent size crack team of passionate people!

Also keep an eye out on your email later in the week for the Survey form, please take a moment to complete it as the feedback data is extremely important, and this survey form is where you get to have your input, unless of course you are on next years organising team!

In no particular order, big thanks to the following, please support these guys where you can ...


Hot Sails Maui Australia

Windsurfing Religion

Surf FX

Australian Windsurf and Sup Magazine**, keep an eye out for next edition, also check the names list below.

Burrum elders real estate

Jordon's SUP and Windsurfing & Holiday Park

Sunshine Coast Sailboards

Windsurfing Gear

Board Crazy

Vector Fins

Hervey Bay Volunteer Marin rescue

Bay City Marine Hervey Bay

Burrum Heads Progress Association

Burrum heads outriggers - watch this space next year!

Paul Wallace - the big black boat!

Hervey Bay Stand Up Paddle ---- Special Note The windsurfers went 1 & 2 in SUP races! ..Michael Brown smashed em in the 12ft group!  so the challenge has been set!

Julie Hartwig Photography 

Clip Harness Lines

Burrum heads Food Worx

Windsurfing one design, was great watching these guys cruise around the SUP zone on Saturday, they are like mobile windsurfing adds for close to shore action!

Fraser Coast opportunities, Fraser Coast Tourism and events, Fraser Coast Council, Qld National Parks, Qld Water Police, the Community of Burrum heads.

'the wilsons' unofficial mayoral offices

Richie Fishes fantastic tones & entertainment on the big stage under the stars!

Sausage's rather questionable yet highly entertaining auctioneering skills

And last but no means least Windwanderers windsurfing club...if you want to get involved in the sport and help foster its growth and see events like this happen, there is no better way than to become a member and get involved, don't leave it to someone else!

If your name is here you have won a free subscription to Australian Windsurf Mag or SUP Magazine please email through email here on SB us your contact details so we can sort for you.

Richard Bryant
Paul Wallace
Tony Dingle
Clive Churchman
Byron Mcilveen
Michael Corkeron

Hope I have everyone covered?  Its a long list!

Signing off!


Regarding the results below:

The 2016 event was run with a "Best of Week" scoring system. The winners for each division were based on the sailors who scored the best result in that division over the course of the week.


Sailor Result Track Day
Michel Van Der Pligt (Vando) 29.66 Thursday
Byron Mcilveen (Byron Mcilveen) 28.8 Monday
Shannon Blume (TRIMMER) 28.59 Friday
Andy Hansen (Andy) 28.47 Friday
(hugh morgan) 28.19 Friday
John Scott (Drifter) 28.12 Friday
Chris Kerin (Chriso) 27.76 Friday
Phillip Nott (Phil) 27.51 Wednesday
(Red Baron) 27.44 Wednesday
Darren Nicholas (Darren Nicholas) 27.39 Friday
mark jordan (Mark Jordan) 27.31 Friday
David Sandos (David Sandos) 27.3 Friday
(brynoz) 27.04 Friday
(Gordo) 26.78 Friday
Tony Dingle (Tony) 26.73 Thursday
Nick Auston (nic0) 26.66 Friday
(Michaelbrown1) 26.61 Wednesday
Kellie Tusler (K T) 26.54 Friday
Dennis Winstanley (AUS18) 26.5 Friday
Adrian Rae (Adrian Rae) 26.28 Friday
Roland Schmid (Rolz) 26.12 Monday
Clive Churchman (evilC) 25.98 Friday
Brian Hooper (Brian Hooper) 25.95 Thursday
Robert Gordon (Bear) 25.85 Wednesday
Tibor Ferenczy (tibor) 25.74 Thursday
Steve Charles (AUS200) 25.66 Thursday
Bruce HEALEY (Bruce Healey) 25.58 Monday
Peter Bilski (Macroscien) 25.4 Friday
Darryl Jones (starboardsailor) 25.21 Friday
Joanne Byrne (Jo) 25.15 Friday
Andrew Haigh (Andrew Haigh) 25.1 Thursday
Greg Banks (rudi) 24.77 Wednesday
Nick Willey (Nick Willey) 24.73 Wednesday
Mark Richardson (Richo) 24.72 Wednesday
(Mathew) 24.57 Monday
Robert Vaughan (Rob) 24.24 Friday
Brendan Moore (Da Vecta) 24.19 Thursday
Bisek Brzoskowski (ZbSailor) 24.16 Wednesday
Tom Cameron (Tom Cameron) 24.13 Friday
Glenn Young (Haggar) 23.91 Wednesday
Russell Witt ( RussellW) 23.81 Wednesday
Anne Lewis (Anne) 23.57 Friday
Troy Scott (Troy Scott) 23.55 Wednesday
Richard Jack (Richard Jack) 22.98 Wednesday
(Dean Raphael) 21.46 Monday
Jeffrey Irvin (Jeffrey Irvin ) 19.6 Friday
(Tim OSullivan) 18.1 Monday

Nautical Mile

Sailor Result Track Day
Byron Mcilveen (Byron Mcilveen) 27.56 Wednesday
Michel Van Der Pligt (Vando) 26.22 Thursday
Phillip Nott (Phil) 26.12 Wednesday
(brynoz) 25.96 Friday
Darren Nicholas (Darren Nicholas) 25.74 Thursday
Robert Gordon (Bear) 25.69 Wednesday
Shannon Blume (TRIMMER) 25.55 Friday
Chris Kerin (Chriso) 25.45 Friday
(Red Baron) 25.37 Wednesday
(hugh morgan) 25.3 Friday
John Scott (Drifter) 25.09 Friday
Dennis Winstanley (AUS18) 25.03 Friday
David Sandos (David Sandos) 24.98 Friday
Andy Hansen (Andy) 24.88 Friday
mark jordan (Mark Jordan) 24.34 Friday
Clive Churchman (evilC) 24.33 Friday
(Gordo) 24.27 Friday
Brian Hooper (Brian Hooper) 24.21 Thursday
Roland Schmid (Rolz) 24.03 Monday
Peter Bilski (Macroscien) 23.97 Friday
Nick Auston (nic0) 23.94 Friday
Joanne Byrne (Jo) 23.91 Friday
Bruce HEALEY (Bruce Healey) 23.7 Monday
Greg Banks (rudi) 23.62 Wednesday
Adrian Rae (Adrian Rae) 23.6 Friday
Andrew Haigh (Andrew Haigh) 23.58 Wednesday
Tibor Ferenczy (tibor) 23.41 Wednesday
Steve Charles (AUS200) 23.4 Tuesday
Mark Richardson (Richo) 23.2 Wednesday
Kellie Tusler (K T) 23.2 Friday
Tony Dingle (Tony) 23.1 Tuesday
Brendan Moore (Da Vecta) 23.06 Thursday
Bisek Brzoskowski (ZbSailor) 23.05 Wednesday
Darryl Jones (starboardsailor) 23.03 Friday
Russell Witt ( RussellW) 22.93 Wednesday
Nick Willey (Nick Willey) 22.81 Wednesday
(Michaelbrown1) 22.77 Wednesday
Richard Jack (Richard Jack) 22.55 Wednesday
Robert Vaughan (Rob) 22.36 Friday
Tom Cameron (Tom Cameron) 22.3 Friday
Troy Scott (Troy Scott) 21.82 Wednesday
(Mathew) 21.62 Monday
Glenn Young (Haggar) 20.76 Wednesday
Anne Lewis (Anne) 20.65 Friday
Jeffrey Irvin (Jeffrey Irvin ) 18.4 Friday
(Tim OSullivan) 16.01 Wednesday
(Dean Raphael) 11.35 Monday

Total Distance Sailed

Sailor Result
Byron Mcilveen (Byron Mcilveen) 553.32
Tibor Ferenczy (tibor) 488.16
Steve Charles (AUS200) 480.45
Tony Dingle (Tony) 431.06
michael corkeron (snorkel962) 427.04
Shannon Blume (TRIMMER) 408.85
John Scott (Drifter) 388.46
Michel Van Der Pligt (Vando) 378.55
mark jordan (Mark Jordan) 376.32
Roland Schmid (Rolz) 364.84
(Red Baron) 359.62
(hugh morgan) 359.25
Troy Scott (Troy Scott) 347.45
Nick Auston (nic0) 340.66
Phillip Nott (Phil) 338.59
David Sandos (David Sandos) 332.06
Darryl Jones (starboardsailor) 324.02
(Mathew) 320.87
(Gordo) 308.99
Tom Cameron (Tom Cameron) 305.77
Glenn Young (Haggar) 291.75
Andrew Haigh (Andrew Haigh) 290.39
Bruce HEALEY (Bruce Healey) 266.38
Robert Gordon (Bear) 262.49
Kellie Tusler (K T) 254.29
Robert Vaughan (Rob) 245.59
Darren Nicholas (Darren Nicholas) 242.18
Chris Kerin (Chriso) 226.89
Andy Hansen (Andy) 224.94
Dennis Winstanley (AUS18) 223.17
Clive Churchman (evilC) 215.39
Peter Bilski (Macroscien) 211.27
Anne Lewis (Anne) 196.45
Brendan Moore (Da Vecta) 194.4
Brian Hooper (Brian Hooper) 168.68
Greg Banks (rudi) 166.85
Adrian Rae (Adrian Rae) 162.74
Richard Jack (Richard Jack) 161.46
Joanne Byrne (Jo) 149.71
Mark Richardson (Richo) 149.42
Russell Witt ( RussellW) 148.44
Nick Willey (Nick Willey) 147.62
Bisek Brzoskowski (ZbSailor) 135.84
Maree jordan (MAREE) 127.2
Glynn Merritt (Boombuster) 107.87
(Tim OSullivan) 74.63
(brynoz) 72.19
(Michaelbrown1) 70.04
Jeffrey Irvin (Jeffrey Irvin ) 65.93
Jarreau Rogers (jarrafe) 42.39
(Dean Raphael) 28.35


Sailor Result Track Day
Michel Van Der Pligt (Vando) 31.15 Monday
Shannon Blume (TRIMMER) 31.11 Monday
Byron Mcilveen (Byron Mcilveen) 30.01 Monday
John Scott (Drifter) 29.69 Friday
(hugh morgan) 29.58 Friday
Andy Hansen (Andy) 29.35 Friday
Chris Kerin (Chriso) 29.21 Friday
David Sandos (David Sandos) 28.9 Friday
Kellie Tusler (K T) 28.82 Friday
Roland Schmid (Rolz) 28.76 Monday
Darren Nicholas (Darren Nicholas) 28.69 Friday
mark jordan (Mark Jordan) 28.52 Friday
(Michaelbrown1) 28.5 Thursday
Phillip Nott (Phil) 28.49 Wednesday
Bruce HEALEY (Bruce Healey) 28.44 Monday
Robert Gordon (Bear) 28.24 Wednesday
(Red Baron) 28.19 Wednesday
Adrian Rae (Adrian Rae) 28.09 Friday
(brynoz) 28.04 Friday
Tony Dingle (Tony) 27.97 Thursday
Nick Auston (nic0) 27.95 Friday
(Gordo) 27.94 Friday
Andrew Haigh (Andrew Haigh) 27.79 Thursday
Brian Hooper (Brian Hooper) 27.52 Thursday
Dennis Winstanley (AUS18) 27.48 Friday
Clive Churchman (evilC) 27.42 Friday
Steve Charles (AUS200) 26.84 Thursday
Darryl Jones (starboardsailor) 26.77 Friday
Peter Bilski (Macroscien) 26.65 Friday
Tibor Ferenczy (tibor) 26.51 Thursday
Joanne Byrne (Jo) 26.43 Friday
Greg Banks (rudi) 26.07 Monday
(Mathew) 26.07 Thursday
Anne Lewis (Anne) 26.02 Friday
Mark Richardson (Richo) 25.98 Wednesday
Robert Vaughan (Rob) 25.49 Friday
Glenn Young (Haggar) 25.37 Wednesday
Brendan Moore (Da Vecta) 25.32 Thursday
Tom Cameron (Tom Cameron) 25.22 Wednesday
Bisek Brzoskowski (ZbSailor) 24.78 Thursday
Richard Jack (Richard Jack) 24.74 Wednesday
Russell Witt ( RussellW) 24.61 Monday
Troy Scott (Troy Scott) 24.44 Thursday
(Dean Raphael) 23.85 Monday
Nick Willey (Nick Willey) 22.03 Tuesday
Jeffrey Irvin (Jeffrey Irvin ) 21.01 Friday
(Tim OSullivan) 6.49 Tuesday

One Hour

Sailor Result Track Day
Byron Mcilveen (Byron Mcilveen) 23.86 Thursday
Chris Kerin (Chriso) 22.45 Friday
Michel Van Der Pligt (Vando) 22.14 Wednesday
Shannon Blume (TRIMMER) 21.84 Friday
(Red Baron) 21.64 Thursday
(hugh morgan) 21.62 Wednesday
Steve Charles (AUS200) 21.2 Thursday
Brian Hooper (Brian Hooper) 21.14 Thursday
David Sandos (David Sandos) 20.83 Thursday
Dennis Winstanley (AUS18) 20.82 Friday
(Gordo) 20.76 Friday
Roland Schmid (Rolz) 20.67 Thursday
mark jordan (Mark Jordan) 20.46 Friday
Phillip Nott (Phil) 20.36 Wednesday
Brendan Moore (Da Vecta) 20.35 Thursday
John Scott (Drifter) 20.11 Friday
Peter Bilski (Macroscien) 20.11 Friday
Tibor Ferenczy (tibor) 20.11 Wednesday
Robert Gordon (Bear) 20.08 Wednesday
Tony Dingle (Tony) 19.81 Wednesday
Bruce HEALEY (Bruce Healey) 19.75 Wednesday
Andrew Haigh (Andrew Haigh) 19.73 Wednesday
Andy Hansen (Andy) 19.42 Wednesday
Nick Auston (nic0) 19.2 Friday
(brynoz) 19.01 Friday
Darryl Jones (starboardsailor) 18.89 Thursday
Clive Churchman (evilC) 18.8 Friday
Troy Scott (Troy Scott) 18.63 Thursday
Tom Cameron (Tom Cameron) 18.03 Thursday
Darren Nicholas (Darren Nicholas) 18.02 Friday
Russell Witt ( RussellW) 17.87 Wednesday
Robert Vaughan (Rob) 16.9 Wednesday
Joanne Byrne (Jo) 16.68 Friday
Nick Willey (Nick Willey) 16.26 Wednesday
Glenn Young (Haggar) 15.93 Wednesday
Bisek Brzoskowski (ZbSailor) 15.9 Wednesday
Kellie Tusler (K T) 15.9 Thursday
Greg Banks (rudi) 15.66 Wednesday
(Mathew) 13.9 Monday
Anne Lewis (Anne) 13.74 Friday
Adrian Rae (Adrian Rae) 11.52 Friday
Richard Jack (Richard Jack) 11.42 Friday
(Michaelbrown1) 8.98 Wednesday
Mark Richardson (Richo) 8.13 Thursday
(Tim OSullivan) 8.12 Wednesday
Jeffrey Irvin (Jeffrey Irvin ) 7.7 Friday
(Dean Raphael) 4.35 Monday