A very encouraging forecast was issued for 20-30 knots with a Fraser Island low forming just south of Burrum heads. Competitors that had arrived early to tune up their gear scored some classic conditions along the main run, by day 1 of competition the spirits were very high. 

Day 1 Burrum brings with it, its own laid back pace and this always translates well with the Windfest. Day 1 was no different in 2012. Sign-on was held between 9-10am and the first briefing kicked off at 11am. With the stronger winds easing, the forecast for day 1 was 10-15 knot SE-NE winds across the course. The decision was taken to hold until 1pm to give enough time for any breezes to develop. Eventually an 8-10 knot NE'r blew in over the course. Creating enough wind to cool us down, however not enough to get everyone out on the course.

We decided to put a hold on competition for day 1 and head out on the MV Daytripper barge for a cruise, a drink and some bbq lunch. We found a spot out on the course to anchor to enjoy an excellent afternoon overlooking the main run. The crew on the barge really know how to throw a party, providing complementary drinks and food and joining in the conversation as we talked and caught up with friends new and old. New to this year's event we also had access to the JP/Pryde trailer that has been making its way around Australia. The guys from Surf FX had kindly offered to bring it to the event and day 1 seemed a perfect opportunity to open it up and break out the sups and RS one longboards to explore the area. With light winds and clear blue skies this was perfect weather. As the afternoon progressed we were met at the barge on the water by those on sups and longboards and ended up returning to shore with more revellers then we had left with.

Day 1 was a great start to the event. It was easy paced and everyone had a great time. By late afternoon we were heading in off the water and preparing for a night of further social antics fun.

Day 2.With the Gear trailer opened early and another day of sunny skies and gorgeous Burrum weather the weapon of choice were the JP sups. This was later to become the inaugural Burrum Windfest Sup Race and began early with a few of the guys going for an early morning paddle. As it turned out, the wildlife was also out for an early morning paddle as a 3m hammerhead had confused bait fish with sup and was on the chase about 15m from shore. First time I've seen a sup plane as Shane and Michel headed stage right onto the sand. Later in the morning some large turtles popped up in front of Troy and friends while out supping.

Towards mid morning it became apparent Day 2 was going to be a re-run of day 1. Keen to get some form of competition in we held the Inaugural Burrum Windfest Sup Race. It was hotly contested. Heat one taken out by Shane McCarthy with Maree showing the boys how it's done coming in 3rd. Heat 2 saw Troy aka Trojan bring it home after rounding the mark in second behind Phil then eventually crossing the line first.

After the sup race day 2 briefing was held. We outlined the BOM forecast for possible late wind increases and decided to hold at the Burrum Sands Speed HQ in anticipation for the late forecast winds. This gave family and friends the chance to hit the water together with the gear from the trailer. The banana chairs overlooking the course were filled while we got the kids out on the beginners gear for some lessons. Others enjoyed the sups once more or cruised on the RS one longboards across to Burrum Point. Day 2 put a lot of smiles on faces. It was a memorable day with competitors and their families able to enjoy their time together in and out of the water.

By 2.30pm the wind had only increased slightly so we called an end to day 2 and prepared for dinner at the Burrum Hotel. Courtesy buses were booked for a 6pm pickup at 3 spots around town. By 5.30 the wind had finally kicked in. A great sign for day 3.

A total of 65 people had congregated at the Hotel for Saturday night dinner. I think you could say we owned the hotel that night filling the main area for dinner and drinks. Not to let the evening finish early, and unknown to Vando, a plan had been hatched earlier to invite Vando to the traditional Ray's Place limoncello tasting ceremony along with a few other party goers to help ensure Vando was off his game come day 3. “allegedly.”

Day 3 was D-Day, we had enjoyed great times to date and the icing for the cake was being prepared. The forecast looked good for 20 knot winds as cloud started rolling through, confirming this to be the case.

Briefing was held early and competitors prepared their gear for the course and spares for the MV Daytripper Barge.

Keen to take full advantage of the days sailing, the KA Sail flags were raised and the hooter blown signalling the beginning of proceedings. We had 30 competitors out blasting along a 3km reach as the high tides had allowed room for a longer than usual run at the northern bank. The 20 knot ESE winds were the perfect setup at the northern run. As day 3 progressed, and the tide dropped, we held a mini briefing to outline the changing water depths and directed everyone to the bounds of the northern channel where we were joined by the helicopter and Col Leonhardt from Windsurf Australia for a video and photography shoot. What a sight, the competitors blasting along the dead flat waters of the northern run with a helicopter chasing only 20-30m above the water. The fisherman on Burrum Point beach got an amazing sight of the event and the helicopter soon became the talk of the town with locals as they watched from the Burrum River. This is the first time a windsurfing event has been covered in this manner on the east coast of Australia and it is fair to say it was a sight for all involved.

Presentation Burrum Sands Holiday Units were once again the host for Speed HQ as well as the presentation ceremony, nestled in a lush tropical landscape and overlooking the main run it is the perfect location to end the Windfest festivities. We lined up 2 bbq's and got the well-deserved food onto the plate. Jason aka goldcoast moz and Vando took over cooking duties, we had a full serve of sausages and rib fillet steaks from the Burrum Heads Butchery as well as 60 fresh seasoned Red Claw Jason had caught and brought along for this years BBQ. Combined with salads and chilled beer the 2012 end of event BBQ was well worth the wait.

Lucky Draw Each year at the Windfest KA Sail provide major lucky draw prize to enable all compeitiors the chance to walk away a winner. This year we are especially pleased as young gun Bradley Jones not only took out the youth division but also came up winner and is now the proud owner of a brand new KA 2012 Koncept! 

Major Giveaway
Bradley Jones - KA Sail 2012 Koncept

This year Sponsor involvement in the event ended up being overwhelming. This allowed us to offer multiple lucky draw prizes to all who had signed up. Including

5 pairs of seabreeze sunnies from seabreeze
2 learn to windsurf vouchers from Surfconnect
1 copy of WindRider DVD
2 copies of Wild Tracks DVD
Gun Session bag from Windsurfing Sales
Unifiber t-shirt and boom bra from Caloundra Wind and Surf
KA sail provided a webshop discount voucher being emailed out to all competitors in this years event.

End Of Event Thanks

The list is long but the Thanks are deserved.

Firstly to KA Sail - for their ongoing support of the event. KA were instrumental in the Windfest being conceived and have been part of the event for the 5 years it has run and have provided a sail as the major prize draw every year.

Burrum Sands Holiday units – Brooke and Mark offer all of their facilities to the event and always put an accommodation package into the prize pool and have been part of the event since it has run at Burrum Heads.

MV Daytripper - from Hervey Bay who provided the barge and tender vessels to cover the event. The crew on the Daytripper donated their time wages free to the event and the vessels costs were calculated to be affordable for the event.

Caloundra Wind and Surf – Peter N was also integral in the conception of the event and has along with KA been a sponsor every year the event has taken place giving away boards in the past and this year a mast and unifiber merchandise and competed in every event to date.

Sunshine Coast Sailboards – Dieter has also been a long time sponsor of the event providing select fins and merchandise as well as being a good competitor.

SurfFX – Ian and Michael brought a lot to the event this year not only contributing to the prize pool but also towing the JP/Pryde gear trailer up to the event and allowing access 24/7 as well as getting the gear out, packing it away and making sure everything was in tip top condition.

Seabreeze Forums – Laurie at seabreeze has been a long time contributor to the event. Providing not only the means to spread the word but also by contributing prizes in the prize pool each year.

Windsurfing Sales – Bud as well has provided support across the years of the event. Sometimes personally delivery his prizes and even on occasion helping out in the rescue craft.

SurfConnect – Patrick came onboard this year to provide prizes and support after many years helping with the windwanderers. He has always offered his invaluable support to the sport.

Burrum heads Butchery – Luke, Lance and Mick it needs to be said know meat. The meat they provided for the event was complimented by all. They provided kilos of sausages and rib fillet. Hand delivered it every morning and allowed us to have more than one bbq.

Windsurf Australia – Col Leonhardt organised the helicopter for the event which was on standby for 3 days. He donated all of his time both in the air and on the ground and it needs to be said, he was always smiling.

KA 72 SpeedReader – Dylan has been involved in the event from the beginning. He wrote a special mobile version of his software for the event and is always on hand to help anyone with GPS setup and problem solving.

Burrum Windfest 2012 received overwhelming support from sponsors. Many sponsors were able to attend the event this year both as competitors and to join in the fun and help. All sponsors of the event expressed to me prior to, during and after the event how keen they were to be involved. On a personal note I was touched at the desire of the sponsors across the board to be involved and the genuine and unconditional nature of their support.

Thanks also to vando and moz for their bbq work, moz for the red claw, glynn for his bbq work on the barge and my wife for sourcing all of the beer, salad, plates etc and setting up the bbq area for presentation. Thanks also to locals Ray and Geoff for helping along the way and always pushing the event forward. Thanks also to young scot who helped carry gear and helped out on the barge. Next year he is officially competing.

Also, Thanks to all those who attended and helped. Some drove for 3 days, some waited road side for hours and others took very long detours to get around flood waters. Even up to the first day of the event the Burrum river was in flood. However, It's the people involved in an event that make the event and this year was a reflection on what a fantastic group of people there are involved in windsurfing. We were rewarded with fun times and blue skies and a great day of sailing to cap it all off.

Planning for next year is underway with a view to extend the event to 5-6 days in march 2013. See you all next year and thanks once more. 
Justin Boland

The competition was held over three days, 9-11 March 2012. There was only enough wind for competition on the final day, so the results below are all from 11 March 2012.

Competitor Value
[OL] Michel Van Der Pligt 29.891
[OL] Glynn Merritt 29.104
[OL] Michael Brown 28.832
[OL] Brendan Moore 28.040
[OL] Geoff Ringe 27.369
[OL] David Mossop 27.083
[OL] Chris Kiehn 26.947
[OL] Mark Jordan 26.572
[OL] Phil Palmer 26.383
[OL] Shane McCarthy 26.271
[OL] Peter Nitchke 26.193
[OL] Darryl Jones 26.004
[OL] Shaun Fitton 25.761
[OL] Greg Banks 25.416
[OL] Richard Cane 25.090
[OL] Kellie Tusler 24.633
[OL] Adrian Barwell 24.390
[OL] Anne Lewis 24.293
[OL] Jason Carey 24.123
[OL] Andy Hansen 24.050
[OL] Justin Reeders 23.924
[OL] Herby Halloran 23.098
[OL] Glenn Young 22.665
[OL] Ray Nilson 21.620
[OL] Dieter Fischer 20.916
[OL] Bradley Jones 20.342
Sailor Value
[OL] Michel Van Der Pligt 29.006
[OL] Glynn Merritt 28.118
[OL] Michael Brown 27.518
[OL] Brendan Moore 27.317
[OL] Geoff Ringe 26.340
[OL] Chris Kiehn 26.180
[OL] David Mossop 26.044
[OL] Phil Palmer 25.596
[OL] Shane McCarthy 25.373
[OL] Mark Jordan 25.326
[OL] Greg Banks 24.089
[OL] Richard Cane 23.899
[OL] Shaun Fitton 23.757
[OL] Darryl Jones 23.509
[OL] Kellie Tusler 23.350
[OL] Adrian Barwell 23.166
[OL] Peter Nitchke 22.736
[OL] Anne Lewis 22.667
[OL] Justin Reeders 22.666
[OL] Jason Carey 22.612
[OL] Andy Hansen 22.527
[OL] Glenn Young 21.583
[OL] Herby Halloran 21.373
[OL] Ray Nilson 20.625
[OL] Bradley Jones 19.256
[OL] Dieter Fischer 19.078
Nautical Mile
Sailor Value
[OL] Michel Van Der Pligt 25.812
[OL] Michael Brown 25.311
[OL] Glynn Merritt 25.165
[OL] Geoff Ringe 24.811
[OL] Phil Palmer 23.742
[OL] David Mossop 22.815
[OL] Chris Kiehn 22.745
[OL] Mark Jordan 22.691
[OL] Brendan Moore 22.643
[OL] Shaun Fitton 21.891
[OL] Adrian Barwell 21.238
[OL] Peter Nitchke 21.162
[OL] Richard Cane 21.008
[OL] Greg Banks 20.947
[OL] Herby Halloran 20.500
[OL] Anne Lewis 20.487
[OL] Kellie Tusler 20.000
[OL] Andy Hansen 19.968
[OL] Darryl Jones 19.895
[OL] Jason Carey 19.825
[OL] Justin Reeders 19.673
[OL] Shane McCarthy 19.308
[OL] Glenn Young 17.913
[OL] Bradley Jones 17.251
[OL] Dieter Fischer 15.400
[OL] Ray Nilson 13.732